Whether it’s persistent badgering or sending unwanted gifts, the security vendor landscape is awash with inappropriate and unwanted sales pitches. At Black Hat 2019, I asked attendees to tell personal tales of the worst vendor pitch they ever received. If you’ve done any of these, please, please stop.

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Thanks to the following people who appeared in the video:

Matt Pozun, Verisign
Anna Garcia, Kenna Security
Ed Enzmann
Allan Alford, Defense in Depth
Ori Eisen, Trusona
Sandy Lindsey, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Paul Lanzi, Remediant
Tim Keeler, Remediant
Kendrick Trotter, Radware
Richard Honey, NeuVector
Jon Garside, Securonix
Dan Mellinger, Kenna Security
Jeff Simon, Shutterfly
Louis DeWeaver, Northwood University
Robb Reck, Ping Identity
Michael Strong, GCI
Sharon Vardi, Trusona
Gary Hayslip, SoftBank Investment Advisors